Toni Cureton

  • Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020

We are extremely satisfied with the services Mr. Arce provided. He sent us attractive home listings. He offered valuable advice. He crunched numbers so that we could have a clear basic understanding of possible expenses. He’s an awesome negotiator! He quickly and efficiently handled every detail related to contract agreements, and cancelations. He has great contacts if you’re in need of a home inspection or mortgage loan. I could go on and on, but most importantly, he was very patient, knowledgeable and professional! I had tons of questions, and he took the time to answer them all. I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge during this home purchasing process, and I honestly owe it all to him! I can’t begin to thank you enough, Eli! I would highly recommend that you contact Mr. Eli Arce to assist you throughout your home buying or selling process. I assure you that you will NOT be disappointed! Best of luck to you all! Thank you so much!!

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